A cuppa & a Custard Cream with.....ELIZABETH STILES

I’d definitely say working at Arcadia was the toughest year of my life. It was very bitchy and a negative atmosphere which I couldn’t thrive in. On my first day I was shown the toilet where I could go and cry... luckily I was only there for a year!

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A cuppa & a Custard Cream with...RUTH of Paper Ren

We are a curated showcase of beautiful children's books from around the world. We review and feature books, as well as shine the spotlight on illustrators and authors that we admire. Our goal is to give authors and illustrators a platform to showcase their books and illustrations and we aim to focus on books that make the world a better place.
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A Cuppa & a Custard Cream with.....RUTH MARSDEN of Bettercup

For each bettercup sold we give one to a girl in need. My sister helped start, and now works at, a rural farm school in Zimbabwe and the idea came from wanting to provide the girls there with sustainable sanitary wear, enabling them to be in school and not worrying how they will get through their next period.
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A cuppa and a Custard Cream with.....ANNIE RIDOUT

It gives me great pleasure to help women to make more money and feel more confident. I was recently able to donate £2000 to Refuge. This feels like a dream come true; I've wanted to support Refuge for as long as I can remember, and now all the profits from my Become Boss course go to them. It feels really good.
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A cuppa and a Custard Cream with.... YVADNEY DAVIS

If you could choose any brand / publication / individual to style for, who would it be and why?

I'll take Beyonce's children please! Access to be as creative as I want and pick and choose from all the brands, with a client who would get it - I'm all over that.

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Control freaks & tumbleweed...

Something I’m having to learn to master in the wondrous world of running my own business, is the unpredictability of the retail industry.

Sales can flourish and go Whoosh! Kaboom! on a Tuesday but on Wednesday you find yourself Googling if there’s been a national WIFI outage because that Shopify sales ping has been discouragingly silent all day.

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