A cuppa & a Custard Cream with....Emma White of HONEY & TOAST

1.  Who are you and where do you come from?!

Emma White and I was born in Kenya which sounds fun... but from being 4 I was brought up near Reading, studied in Leeds, and now live in Peckham, London.

2.  What do you do and why?

I am an accessories designer! My brand is called Honey & Toast. I built H&T alongside working as a designer for many London based fashion brands over several years. But having recently been made redundant H&T is now my sole focus! SO this is it! I am so excited to have this opportunity and get on with it at last.

3.  What are the biggest challenges you've faced in your career?

In a previous role at a well known fashion brand I came up against the challenges of being a woman in a company where men were prioritised heavily - and at the same brand I faced challenges of becoming a mother and returning to work.

4.  What have been your biggest HURRAH moments so far?

I have a hurrah moment every time I open an unprompted email from a customer who has taken the time to write just to tell me how much they love their bag.

5.  If you could give 3 pieces of advice to yourself when you started out, what would it be?

Don't get involved with influencers - they are a pain in the bum.

Set your retail prices at a price that's fair to your customer AND you.

Talk more to other small businesses - reach out for help!

And go to bed earlier.

6.  What are your long-term hopes and aims?

To get fulfilment so I'm not packing boxes til the wee hours! Grow brand awareness, design lots more beautiful bags and explore more leathers - including vegan options.

7.  Which 3 books would you recommend for: a long hour train journey (with no kids!) / a mood-lifter / a fact-finding mission (ie, non-fiction)?

I rarely read .. God that's so bad. Middlesex, any Lonely Planet book - that counts as fantasy these days really doesn't it! Anything by Donna Tartt

8.   What are the most common misconceptions you've found from having your own business?

You are your own boss - I have SO many bosses! You work when whenever you like - you have to work when others are working!

9.  You’re granted 1 wish (for you / your career) – what would it be?

For H&T to support my family entirely. My husband to work with me. For us both to be able to walk to school on a Friday and pick up our children together at 3.30pm.

10. What’s your favourite biscuit?

Choc digestive !

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