Our story

Cub and Pudding were the names we gave our two children when they were but humongous tummy bumps (with a side helping of jam on toast and an alarming amount of crisps ).

Cub and Pudding’s kidswear journey began late 2017 after a lightbulb moment to grab career happiness, go part-time and seize some creative magic.

I’m cheered by the thrill of dressing my two kids in unique and wonderful ways, so I figured why not take the leap and design for them myself…..

Inspired by a love of illustration, striking graphics and my past experience as a writer, I’ve created a unisex brand that is playful, charismastic and above all, joyful.

I hope it makes you smile.






I'm Sarah I get in a mood if I lose at Bananagram, never go a day without chocolate and I know the first line to pretty much any song but can’t tell you what I did last Tuesday.

I was once a Features Writer for a local newspaper and lived the life "a million girls would kill for" at SHE and Zest magazine but left when my love of being a staff writer evaporated and the lure of a bigger pay cheque in a corporate world beckoned.

Fast forward 10 years, a husband and two kids and back on the path my heart steers me to...