I'm Sa - founder of Cub & Pudding and all-round cheerleader for stand-out cheery clothing.

I started Cub & Pud initially as a unisex kidswear brand after finding myself stuck in a diggers/dinosaur rut when my eldest (Cub - that was his pregnancy moniker) turned three and the offerings for boys' clothes became a sea of navy and brown. Zero originality.

I wanted to create playful clothing for kids & this has now evolved to happy clothing for adults.

Every print you spy at Cub & Pudding is created from my imagination (inspired by a love of books and illustration) and hand-drawn by me in our sunny studio in SE London.

Individuality is my most important motivation - I want you to feel empowered and happy wearing clothes that spark a conversation and a smile.

I'm hugely proud of our premium quality = longevity and durability so that our clothes can be coveted for many many years to come..

Where we stand on ethical values..

We have a responsibility as a fashion brand to ensure we don’t contribute to the safety of the environment in any detrimental fashion and we always pause to consider every element of our production and ensure it’s undertaken in the most ethical and earth-friendly way possible.

We work with only organic cottons where possible and alternatively use cotton – but never any man-made fibres which are not biodegradable
and use a lot of energy and chemicals to produce.

We work paw to paw with small business, local suppliers and
manufacturers throughout our production process to support them and also feel cheered by their knowledge and that we work only with partners who have a safe and ethical working practice.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and none of our fabric goes to waste – it’s kept and reused or turned into smaller one-off treats such
as bags or hair scrunchies.

Circular economy is crucial – we’re working on more ways to show you how to extend the lifespan of our wares and pass them on when outgrown –
whether that’s by renting them, reselling them or reinventing them.

We produce in Portugal but also realise the importance of supporting employment on our home turf. We work with as many British partners as possible – from our local London screen-printer and UK suppliers of packaging and postcards designs and the studio space we rent from. Our latest knitwear designs are made in collaboration with a small London studio and their partner studio in Hong Kong.