Sally Emslie runs a secondhand store called Manifesto Woman which started 6.5 years ago when the secondhand market was in its infancy.

ONE | What have been your biggest career HURRAH moments so far?
The biggest highlight is actually just still having a business after 6 years - having travelled through the aftershocks of Brexit (ongoing!), then covid and then a cost of living crisis, this is no mean feat. On a smaller scale, the thrill of seeing our name in print never gets old - we’ve been featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, The Times, The Telegraph and even in Marty Portas’ Little Black Book, which was published in The Sunday Times Style magazine. 

TWO | If you could give 3 pieces of advice to yourself ten years ago - what would you say?
Just one really: DO IT! I’m pretty proud of how courageous I have always been, but I wish I’d jumped further, sooner. I think the fear of failure can be such an obstacle for so many of us, but really there is nothing quite so liberating as making mistakes. There is no shame in trying and not succeeding.


THREE | You’re granted 1 wish for the day – what would it be?
A few more women in positions of power would be a lovely thing - what a different world we would live in. On a selfish level, it would be an extra 100 hours in that day so I could finally catch up on my own life!


FOUR | Which living person do you most admire?

Hmmm, so tough trying to narrow it down to one. Actually, more than admiring one celebrated figure I find I am increasingly drawn to the millions of courageous, wonderful ‘little people’ doing incredible things on a micro level. There is so much wonder and kindness in the world… we’re all a bit too distracted by the big newspaper headlines/ what the social media algorithms are choosing to feed us.


FIVE | What's your most treasured possession?

Good fortune, my health, my family and my beloved dog. I would obviously be absolutely devastated if my house burnt down but at the end of the day, it’s just stuff. 

SIX | What do you value most highly in friendship?
Energy, enthusiasm and being open to adventure. I love people who embrace life and properly go for it; spending time with them is life affirming. I really appreciate people who fully commit to a friendship too - reliable, trustworthy and engaged for the long term; you know you’re loved and feel safe around them.

SEVEN | Where would you most like to live?
I adore where I currently live - in the middle of rural Suffolk. We moved from Hackney nearly six years ago and I still have daily pinch me moments. It is SO beautiful and the lifestyle that rural life affords means it feels like we are living on holiday. That said, I also harbour a long term fantasy of living in rural Portugal. Let’s see :-)

EIGHT | What's your biggest indulgence?
Travel, without question. And, in my opinion, worth every single one of the vast number of pennies I have spent on it!

NINE | What does your dream scenario day look like?
Somewhere remote, no plans and no devices, with a group of people I love.

TEN | What’s your favourite biscuit?
Don’t have one; I don’t really eat them. I’m not from the UK so don’t share the British obsession with tea and biscuits :-). Give me a packet of salt & vinegar crisps, however, and then you’re talking. 

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