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ONE | What have been your biggest career HURRAH moments so far?
Probably my books, over the last few years I've written 4 craft books and it always feels like a huge accomplishment when they are done. Especially when you see them in the shops! Also its such a huge amount of work that goes into each one as well. I've also taught in various places like the V&A, and that often makes me think that I'm doing alright and that this is the job for me. 

TWO | If you could give 3 pieces of advice to yourself ten years ago - what would you say?
1. Stop doing Graphic Design and concentrate on textiles which is what you love. 
2. Try and move more, It'll help physically and mentally. 
3. Stop comparing yourself to others. 


THREE | You’re granted 1 wish for the day – what would it be?
I'd like more time, time with family, time to work on my goals, time to relax, time with friends. That kind of thing. 


FOUR | Which living person do you most admire?

Oh crikey, I don't think it's any specific person. But I do admire people who have goals and set out to do them and accomplish them. It can be so hard and I just admire people with that level of determination. Oh actually and Sheila Hicks who is an incredible weaver. 


FIVE | What's your most treasured possession?

I have recently been given a Dryad upright tapestry weaving loom, these things very rarely come up for sale and a really lovely weaver from Southampton gave me hers. Im so excited to carve out some time to weave on it. I love that all my looms are second hand and I get to give them a new life. 

SIX | What do you value most highly in friendship?
Honesty and being able to be silly and not worry about it. 

SEVEN | Where would you most like to live?
I currently live by the sea on the South Coast which I love. Id love a bit more space, maybe a workshop close to the house. That kind of thing. Being close to family is important to me so I could never see myself moving that far away. Will just save that for holidays. 

EIGHT | What's your biggest indulgence?
Looms I'd say ha. I literally don't think you can have enough. And tools to weave with, they are definitely my weakness, especially if they are handmade. I love to have multiple projects on the go so you definitely need more than one, I also think that each one has a different quality. 

NINE | What does your dream scenario day look like?
I'd say... a bit of family time, a bit of weaving, bit of time on the beach in the sun with a swim in the sea and some good food. And then an evening with friends at the pub. That sounds pretty good to me. 

TEN | What’s your favourite biscuit?This changes on a weekly basis.
This is the hardest question, probably a viennese whirl. Or anything chocolate. Oh, a chocolate hobnob is pretty great. Oh anything really ha! With tea or coffee I don't mind. 

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