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ONE | What have been your biggest career HURRAH moments so far?
Probably the first piece of art I sold from my website on behalf of an artist. It meant my dream of becoming an art dealer was no longer just that, it was real! Since then there have been many hurrah moments as I take on and showcase more artists.

TWO | If you could give 3 pieces of advice to yourself ten years ago - what would you say?
  1. Those dreams you have of something different… Don’t put up barriers to achieving them, don’t wait for everything to be perfect, just start!
  2. You are stronger than you think and you have got this even when things seem completely hopeless.

  3. You CAN earn a living doing that thing that you REALLY love! Make the jump.

THREE | You’re granted 1 wish for the day – what would it be?
To be able to fly. How amazing would that be?!

FOUR | Which living person do you most admire?

My husband! He is honestly my absolute rock and is annoyingly (but usefully) good at a lot of stuff!

FIVE | What's your most treasured possession?
Max my cavapoo. I waited for 20 years to be in a position where we could get a dog. He is my shadow and such an affectionate and fun little thing, I’m obsessed with him!

SIX | What do you value most highly in friendship?
Loyalty I think. By that I mean having the kind of relationship where you can REALLY depend on each other. Not in a clingy, possessive way but in a trusting, supportive way! A true friend will never let you down when it really matters and will have your back when the bleep hits the fan. Also a sense of humour is essential, me and my best mates spend our whole time together laughing about ridiculous things.

SEVEN | Where would you most like to live?
That is such a difficult question. I live by the sea in South Devon and I love it but I think my dream place to live would actually be Sydney. I travelled in Australia when I was 18 and still feel a huge affinity to the place. I would definitely love to be somewhere with a sunnier climate and a slightly slower pace of life.

EIGHT | What's your biggest indulgence?
Fashion! I have always spent more than I probably should have on clothes. These days I endeavour to buy from independent fashion brands and choose quality over quantity which might mean less parcels coming through the door but not less money out of my bank account! Probably unsurprisingly, I also can’t resist art if I see a piece that particularly speaks to me and will do what I can to make it mine!

NINE | What does your dream scenario day look like?
Waking up in a villa overlooking the sea (somewhere hot and beautiful!) with pastries and English breakfast tea. Short stroll to the beach for a spot of snorkelling before picking up some bits for a spot of lunch including a good wine. A good book by the pool then a siesta. Getting a little bit dressed up and heading out for an evening meal at a fancy local restaurant! Can you tell I didn't go on holiday last year and I’m craving a sunshine break!

TEN | What’s your favourite biscuit
Golden crunch cream.

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I’m pretty proud of how courageous I have always been, but I wish I’d jumped further, sooner. I think the fear of failure can be such an obstacle for so many of us, but really there is nothing quite so liberating as making mistakes. There is no shame in trying and not succeeding.