People often get in touch with me who are thinking of launching a small business.

Or or at the very beginning of their small business journey.

And they have lots of questions to ask..

How do I promote myself on Instagram? What newsletter provider do I use? Do I use Shopify? How do I find my customer? Where do I do my research? Do I know any small biz communities? Can I offer marketing ideas?

And many more..

And it got me thinking.

I have lots to offer the person I myself was four years ago when I was just about to launch Cub & Pudding. When I had the passion and idea but no resources toolkit to readily turn to and find the answers I needed to get going.

I've learnt so much since 2018 and am confident I can help others just like me of four-years-back to share my learnings & offer advice, support & accountability.


We schedule a 60 minute zoom call where you bring allll the questions, ponderings, confusions you've stumbled upon so far.

Ahead of our call I'll send you a short questionnaire to complete to find out about your business and what areas you'd like to focus on.

This is then followed-up with one week of email support from me where I'll be on hand to answer all the thoughts every day that pop-up after our call together.


The zoom will be recorded and I'll send over any relevant notes, contacts & links for you to follow-up on after our call.


I'll be in your pocket for one week after our call on email or Voxer whenever you need me to help iron out any puzzlings or simply to be an accountability buddy to get things done.


I've worked with five very different coaches 1-2-1 over the past four years & I've taken away a whole recipe book of invaluable advice & tips when I've got stuck along the way.

I can help you with:

- Instagram advice & planning

- Shopify set-up and advice

- Market research

- Marketing ideas

- Newsletter support

- Small business resources

- Brand design advice (I'm married to a graphic designer which opens my eyes to design heaps and I'm a big believer in nailing your virtual shopfront)

- Supplier sourcing

- Fashion contacts & suppliers (if relevant)

and a general sounding board for you to bring your thoughts to..


The cost of the 60 minute zoom + one week of email/Voxer support is £200 incl VAT.

If you'd like to book a session or want a quick chat to find out if it's for you, just email me here at and I very much look forward to lending a helping hand.

Need follow-up support & accountability?

If you feel one session isn't quite enough to get you off the ground, you can book a month of weekly 30 minute zoom check-ins for us to put our heads together & keep the momentum going after our first session - bounce ideas and update on progress.

I'll be there to give you the extra support via email and act as an accountability buddy to help implement your next-step plans.

Investment: £300 incl VAT

Get in touch here