My small business, Cub & Pudding, launched in April 2019 and since then I've grown the brand and revenue primarily using Instagram alone.

It's where I'm most comfortable and confident as a business owner.

It's proven to be an invaluable tool to gain visibility, grow confidence in myself and my products and most importantly - where I've found my customers and built a priceless small business community.


I've bottled all I've learnt over the past three years into this super handy one hour Masterclass workshop - where you can learn first-hand from a business owner what has worked, tips to help build
your presence, content ideas sparks and how to show up and sell without cringing.

It's not a technical class to show you the step-by-step process of how to use Instagram but instead it's learnings I've absorbed from showing up daily on Instagram for the past three years (that's a lottttt of time spent on Insta!).

Gold nuggets that have worked and things that have gone wrong (some amusingly).


The hour video class is divided into three main sections which you can do at your own pace:

Freedom to experiment



Each one focuses on a different approach to using Instagram for your benefit - and put together, I'm confident you will absorb ideas and make changes that will boost how you show up and make sales with confidence using Instagram.


This Masterclass is for you if:

- Showing up on Instagram makes you feel uncomfy and a little bit cringy

- You struggle for ideas on what to post on your profile

- You have a small business but don't use Instagram to make sales

- You're not confident using or selling your products/service on Instagram

- You want to see first-hand from a fellow small business owner how they've grown sales, engaged in the small business community and found their customer using solely Instagram


- A link to a private one hour video YouTube where I guide you
through the masterclass. Pause and take notes, do at your own pace.

- Accompanying slides to download - with more detail and extra pages to make notes which can be worked through alongside the video.


Your Feedback

  • Your masterclass is honestly brilliant - I’m such an introvert so hide away from posting, but you’ve really given me the confidence to get back into it and love having the slideshow to keep popping back to.
  • As a complete Instagram novice, I found this masterclass a real confidence boost. I've personally watched and admired Cub & Pudding's Instagram from afar and often thought 'how does she do that?' - now I have a much better insight & it's given me a nudge to build my own Insta journey too. Highly recommended."
  • I loved taking this masterclass. The PDF is clear and insightful and will be something I’ll be referring back to constantly for ideas. Sa’s class has made me realise I need to take strategic time out of my week to think about what I want to say or post. Thank you Sa. I needed this.
  • Clare
  • Emily
  • Alice