A cuppa and a Custard Cream with....NICKY BRAGG of Fromie Gifts

1.Who are you and where do you come from?

Nicky Bragg of Fromie Gifts in Somerset.

2. How did your brand arrive into the world and where did the name come from?

Though creative need and the feeling of needing to be part of my community.

People from Frome are called Fromies, and as most of my suppliers are from Frome and we sell gifts, it seemed the most obvious name.

3. What are the biggest challenges you face as a small business?

Cash flow and finding balance when you can’t afford to delegate tasks

4. What have been your biggest HURRAH moments so far?

Getting the keys to the shop.

5. If you could give 3 pieces of advice to yourself when you started out, what would it be?

Believe in your why

Don’t under sell yourself

Don’t underestimate how many candles people will buy!

6. What are your long-term hopes and aims?

To be happy, and preferably not bankrupt!

7. If you could choose just one store for your clothes to be stocked in, who would it be and why?

There is only one of me and what I do. I want to be a stand alone, destination shop.

8. What’s the most common misconception when it comes to having your own business?

That it’s easy

9. You’re granted 1 wish for your brand – what would it be?

That its legacy continues to support independent makers from Frome and raises awareness of the shop local movement and supports the local economy.

10. What’s your favourite biscuit?

Bourbon - obvs

You can find Nicky's shop here at Fromie Gifts

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