A moment to reflect....

Life is short my friends.

This week I lost a very dear pal I've known since we were at school together.

She was everything you could possibly want in a human.

Kind, funny, generous, inspiring, selfless, courageous...

She knew back in 2019 that her brain tumour diagnosis was the worst kind of news but from the very off she chose to fight it head on, defy the odds, spread the message as far and wide that it can be beaten, that research is needed to scupper the odds of life versus death.

Her legacy lives on in every person she met.

I wanted to write this to always have it to look back on.

Yesterday, when I heard the news, I happened to be in a little gift shop of a stately home and was drawn to a very tiny letterpress card. The drawing was of a delicate and beautiful dandelion.

And when I turned the card over - the artist's name on the back was the exact same name (and spelling) as my dear Lizzie's!

Given what the dandelion flower can symbolise, I truly think this was a little sign from above to nudge me to open my eyes wider, seize the moment and appreciate allll the little things we can take for granted.

Sleep well beautiful Lizzie.

This is a link to her Gamechanger Fund at The Brain Tumour Trust charity


Written by Sarah Birchall

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